Schinstock Genealogy

I have been compiling Schinstock (including Schienstock and Shinstock) family genealogy since the early 1990's and have some of the most complete family information to be found. Little information is provided here on the Website because it is difficult to provide that information in an unrestricted public forum without compromising the privacy rights of persons still living, especially amid concerns over identity theft.

Below are a couple files provided in Adobe Reader format (.pdf files)which should interest any Schinstock family member. If you don't find yourself, you will certainly find recognizable family, probably at least a parent. I would especially like to hear from anyone who is not included here for information about you and your family.

I welcome private contact by interested persons at my e-mail address,

Schinstock Descendants. This is a drop-line file by generation of nearly 1000 descendants of Johann Friedrich Löhner. Friedrich's son, Johann Caspar Löhner, is the father of several sons who immigrated to the United States in the 1860's, and from which all known American Schinstocks are descended. What, you didn't know that the Schinstocks were really Löhners? Then you need to read some of the information found here! Fortunately, it is indexed, so you should have little difficulty finding a name of interest.

Relationships to Caspar Löhner. Want to know what your relationship is to Caspar? Find it here. Most older adult Schinstocks will find that they are great great grandchildren of Caspar (that means he was the grandfather of one of your grandparents). Most younger adult Schinstocks will find that they are 3-great grandchildren of Caspar.